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With unprecedented pressure on food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers to keep supermarket and pharmacy shelves stocked, and factories operating under the strictest cleanliness and hygiene guidelines, running out of antibacterial cleaning products simply isn’t an option.

Our industrial performance cleaning aerosols are suitable for use in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. By using these cleaning products for their intended purpose, you can save your antibacterial products for the applications that they were designed for:

Here’s a quick product rundown to help you select the most appropriate products for cleaning across your site.

Foam Cleaner Spray – This NSF A1 registered product is for use as a general cleaner on all surfaces in and around food processing areas, where its use is not intended for direct food
contact. If this is to be used in a food processing or handling facility, all food products and packaging materials must be removed or protected before use. Once the surface has been
cleaned down, a rinse of the surface is required using potable water. Foam Cleaner Spray doesn’t exhibit any noticeable odour or leave a visible residue.

Industrial Cleaner Rapid Dry Spray – For use as a cleaner and degreaser in non-food processing areas. This NSF K1 registered product is used to remove oil, wax and resinous
materials, or other substances that aren’t removed by using acidic or alkaline cleaning agents. Use is limited to non-processing areas when there is no possibility of solvent
vapours entering a processing area. Any food processing equipment or utensils that meet this product must be washed with an acceptable detergent solution and thoroughly rinsed
with potable water before returning to the processing area.

Electra Clean Spray – This solvent is NSF K2 registered and used for cleaning electronic instruments and devices used in and around food processing areas but do not come into
direct contact with food. If the device will not tolerate aqueous cleaning, then Electra Clean Spray is perfect for the job. Before using, food products and packaging materials must be removed from the area or carefully protected. All odours must have dissipated before any food products or packaging materials are re-exposed in the area.

Stainless Steel Cleaner SprayNSF A7 registered as a metal cleaner and polisher for non-food contact surfaces in and around food processing areas. Prior to being used, all food products and packaging materials must be removed or carefully protected before being used and all odours from usage have dissipated before they are re-exposed to the area.

Remover Degreaser Spray – Designed to be used in inedible, non-processing and/or exterior areas of food processing establishments, this product is registered as NSF C1. It
should be noted that it is not for use if it will mask odours that have occurred because of unsanitary condition and if the odour will penetrate a food product area. Any equipment from a food processing area that it does encounter must be completely
washed off and rinsed with potable water before being returned to the processing area.

All technical and safety data sheets are available from the ROCOL website so please visit for the latest updates.

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