New improved temperature range: -50°C TO +180°C

Product News

Improved Temperature Range

New independent testing of the recently launched BIOGEN WIRESHIELD wire rope and ROV umbilicals lubricant demonstrates consistently high lubrication performance within an industry-leading temperature range of -50ºC to +180ºC.

It means that offshore operators can depend on a single wire rope and ROV umbilical lubricant in all operating conditions. There is no risk of BIOGEN WIRESHIELD going brittle at very low temperatures, and at the highest operating temperatures, such as those endured by the wire ropes in active heave compensation (AHC) systems, the lubricant performs to the same high standard, eliminating the safety risks associated with inferior products melting and dripping onto decks.

VGP and European Ecolabel Compliant Lubricant

This latest performance characteristic builds on the performance and safety credentials of BIOGEN WIRESHIELD, which has already been certified under EU Ecolabel as an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) to comply with the requirements of the latest US VGP (Vessel General Permit). It enables the marine and offshore industries to meet stricter environmental safety requirements whilst benefiting from enhanced day-to-day operational performance.

No Compromise on performance

Manufactured in the UK by ROCOL, BIOGEN WIRESHIELD has already demonstrated superior corrosion resistance, with zero galvanic reaction after 1000 hours in salt spray testing. The product offers shear stability too in the presence of salt water, with little degradation in testing.

It also provides maximum penetration to the cable’s core. The lubricant’s pseudoplastic rheology means that shear or agitation causes a reduction in dynamic viscosity, which allows maximum penetration into ROV umbilicals and wire ropes, as well as increasing pumpability during application to minimise blockages.

ROCOL Segment Specialist for Marine and Offshore Industry, Rui Jeronimo, says: “A “no compromise” approach was taken to the development of BIOGEN WIRESHIELD and the key to its success is its formulation, which includes unique proprietary ingredients. Independent environmental testing was performed on ROCOL’s high performance additive packs, allowing them to be used in BIOGEN WIRESHIELD without compromising VGP compliance. The most remarkable result is the extent to which the formulation has exceeded performance expectations, such as the operating temperature range and corrosion protection. It is quickly proving itself to be the total wire rope and umbilical solution.”

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